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July 27, 2010


storm 13 °C
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[b]I discovered I had forgotten to get eggs yesterday. I got on the bike heading up to Wal-Mart. I did notice the sky was very cloudy to the south, but thought I could get to the grocery store and back before the rain started. While biking, I decided to go to Coburn’s this morning for grocery. As I biked across the high school parking lot, it started to drizzle. The rain intensity seemed to increase as I approached Coburn’s and as I crossed the Coburn parking lot the rain started quite heavy. I got to Coburn’s and it was raining quite hard. I brought the bike into the walkway between Coburn’s and the Ace Hardware store. I locked the bike.
As I entered Coburn’s, heading to the area of the bacon, I felt my front right pocket and I became aware that I had forgotten my billfold and money with all my credit cards at home. Now it was pouring down rain.
I went over by the front of the service desk near the cash registers to wait. I got talking to the one of the cashiers and a customer and told them my plight and the customer offered to give me a ride home and at first I said ‘No, thank you.” I reconsidered and got a ride home. It continued to rain very hard.
After I got home, I found my navy jacket and put that on and headed out to go get the bike.
Driving up to Coburn’s, I decided that after I got the bike, I would go to Wal-Mart to get my grocery, because I like Wal-Mart prices better. I did notice the van still had several folding chairs in the back, but I decided that there was enough room for my bike.
I parked the van and went in to retrieve my bike. I was able to get the bike into the van, with some jostling of the bike as I placed the bike in the van the rear of the bike first.
I then drove to Wal-Mart and got bacon and eggs and bread and two 2 liter bottles of diet Dr. Thunder. I put everything into my back pack and drove home.
On the way home I realized I had forgotten the St. Cloud Times. I stopped at Walgreen’s and got the St. Cloud Times.
By the time I got home, it had quit raining. I retrieved the bike from the van and put the bike into the garage because it still looked like more rain was coming.
I sent the weather report out about 9:57 AM CDT.
Later, I rode the bike to McDonalds and got my take-out snack wrap for lunch. On the way home I stopped by Coburn’s and bought a Swiss cheese block.

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July 26, 2010


sunny 15 °C
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[b]I sent the weather report out about 7:00 AM CDT.
At about 7:40 AM I am having extreme difficulty with the internet once I try use my address book in yahoo mail.
I rode the bike to Coburn’s to get the St. Cloud Times and then I continued to Wal-Mart to get some crackers and one diet D. Pepper.
Later, I rode to McDonalds to get a snack wrap for lunch.
Dawn called and said she would not be home until tomorrow and to let me know they were going to wash the outside of the house tonight in anticipation of painting the house soon.
Later, I rode back to Wal-Mart spinach and General Tso’s chicken for dinner.
I made a salad for dinner.

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July 25, 2010


sunny 15 °C
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[b]I am in Little Falls at dawn's house. I actually have been here since Sunday July 11, 2010. I had been in Dluth, GA at Doug's house since June 29, 2010.
My plans are to stay in Little Falls until August 11, 2010 when I will return to Duluth, GA and stay with Doug and Tracy and family until around the 26th or 27th of August. On the 26th or 27th of August I will head to the Washington, DC area to check on my condominium in Alexandria, VA.
While in the DC area, I will probably stay at the Days Inn just off Little River Turnpike in Alexandria, VA. (Actually, this Days Inn is very close to my condominium in Alexandria, VA.)
While in Alexandria, I will probably see Sohail Arzoo, Aja Lee and Sheila Ralph. I worked with Sohail, Aja and Sheila several years ago.
I will be in the DC area on August 28 when Glenn Beck is having some event on or near the mall in Washington, DC. I plan on being at this event.
I sent the weather report out about 7:25 AM CDT.
I rode the bike to Coburn’s to get a St. Cloud Times and some cheese.
I drove Dawn’s car to Ben&Brook’s house in Minneapolis with Nya, Gabe and Theo. I stopped to buy Nya and myself a diet drink, Gabe and Theo already had water.
We continued to Minneapolis following Ben and Brook. After dropping my passengers at Ben&Brook’s home, I continued to Corina’s house.
Corina and I drove over to Ben&Brook’s house to drop off some bedding, and then we continued to Little Falls and Dawn’s house. When we arrived at Dawn’s house, Katy was already there.
Later, Dawn, Katy and Corina left to meet Ben&Brook at their house to continue to the club in Wisconsin to attend Tom’s gig. After the gig, the group would be staying at Corina’s overnight.
I got caught up watching ‘Coal Miners Daughter’ and did not get to sleep until about 11:30 PM.

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